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We are two young Parisian friends (we met at the Sorbonne), passionate about fashion and watches in particular. For a long time, we have been trying to personalize our watches by changing bracelets, because for us watches are an essential fashion accessory that must be coordinated with our outfit, just like a belt or a bag.

However, we found mostly unoriginal bracelets whose only change was in the colors, or on the contrary, bracelets that were far too eccentric and of poor quality, which lacked style!

When we were talking about it, we realized that we were not alone in this case: that's how the idea of creating our own brand of bracelets came to life. 


Gabriel Rivaz is a tribute to the personalities who have revolutionized the world of fashion and who inspire us in particular because, like us, they were daring in their time (notably the French designer P. J. de Rivaz who first incorporated automatic winding into a watch in the 18th century). The first name Gabriel is mixed up to illustrate our desire to help men and women reveal their personality by freeing themselves from the constraints of shackles.


Indeed, Gabriel Rivaz claims French-style audacity with subtlety: the French touch is highly valued abroad, so why not be proud of it here in France? Our bracelets are imagined and designed in Paris by French designers, but it is also a work in which the whole team is involved: we love this phase of creativity .;)


Particularly attached to the number 7 which has a strong symbolic value (the 7 colors of the rainbow, the 7 days of the week...), we have imagined dozens of patterns divided into 7 universes to satisfy all tastes and desires... but always with style! That's why the Z in the Gabriel Rivaz logo is so special and why we find this 7 in all the elements of our communication.

And you, are you ready to bring your watch to life to take care of your style down to the smallest detail?